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Skincare Routine for Clear Skin | BEAUTY

Clear and flawless skin is something everyone longs to have. The good news is there are ways to achieving this without having to pile on the foundation! I am very blessed to generally have pimple free skin. But that doesn’t mean it is perfect, in fact it’s far from it! My face can be very sensitive so this week I chose to venture out and try some new products. Here are my secrets to clear skin.

My secret is really simple! I try to use as little on my face as possible. I wash my face with water and a facecloth in the shower to get off as much makeup as I can. I will then use a face wipe and gently wipe my face for any excess makeup that the water may have missed. I choose a face wipe that acts as a cleanser as well and one that is gentle on the skin.

I don’t use a cleanser often as I find that the water on my face makes a huge difference. If I do, I will use the Liz Earle Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The hot cloth cleanser quickly removes make up and leaves my skin clean and incredibly soft. This really does make a difference and my skin feels much cleaner after use.

Eye Makeup Remover:
I tend to opt for something that is gentle on the eyes. I have recently begun using the Lancôme Bi-Facial Cleanser which is an eye makeup remover. It is great for all skin types, is perfect for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers. Can we also talk about how beautiful the blue formula is!!

I also like the Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover which is very cost effective and is great for the price. If you are on a budget and need a cheaper alternative to Lancôme I would highly recommend this!

I have very dry skin, especially in winter so moisturising properly is SUPER important.

I love and have always loved the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream which is what I use as a base each day. It is light on the skin, quickly absorbed and keeps my face smooth and soft throughout the whole day.

After I have removed my makeup at night I use the Nivea Night Cream which is a much thicker moisturiser. This provides more intense moisture to my skin and after leaving it on overnight, I wake up to my face feeling much smoother and softer.

I learnt all about the new Garnier Moisture Bomb last week at the Glamour Beauty Festival. I know how important it is to keep you and your skin hydrated so I wanted to try this out. I have been using the Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Gel-Cream which is super light weight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily after use.

My lips are always in need of hydration so I will always carry around with me Vaseline or some form of lip balm. Vaseline locks in moisture keeping my lips looking and feeling healthy.

We can’t talk about skin and not mention our hands! Dry hands are very common in winter and this can be hard to avoid so it is important to keep them moisturised. I have used Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream for years and I can’t get enough of it! It is affordable and does an amazing job at keeping my hands hydrated.

I will always have with me a small hand cream in my handbag. I LOVE the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream as it is super hydrating and moisturising. It absorbs quickly and leaves my hands feeling incredibly soft.

I also love the Ted Baker Body Lotion and use this as hand cream because it smells incredible and this also leaves my hands nourished and smooth.

·         Have makeup free days! These feel great and your skin will thank you for this.
·         Choose to use a powder instead of a cream foundation as it is a lot lighter on your skin.
·         Make sure to keep hydrated and drink lots of water as it helps with dry skin and keeps your face clear.
·         Eat well. This is super important as what you eat really does affect your body in all types of ways. Steer clear of fatty foods as much as you can as they can cause breakouts.
·         Wear sunscreen as the sun is incredibly damaging.

Every person is different so let me know below of what works best for your skin. Also let me know of other brands I should try.
Thank you for reading.
Amber x

Disclaimer: I realise every skin type is different so make sure to talk to the professionals, read the labels carefully and discontinue use if your skin becomes irritated.

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