Monday, 28 March 2016

A Long Weekend in London | TRAVEL

It was a warm spring day in London. The first day I had not been wearing a coat since last year. I couldn’t believe how warm it was! Today was definitely a day not to be wasted sitting inside. We began the day with a long tube ride to the historic East End of London, getting off at Liverpool Street and walking towards our first stop, lunch. We arrived in Shoreditch and I instantly fell in love with the street art, old buildings, vintage shopping, food stalls and the independent little shops selling adorable random gifts. I couldn’t get enough of this area! 

I had been speaking to friends earlier in the week who had recommended a place called Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane which I thought sounded AMAZING. 

It was a small cafe with the walls lined with all different types of cereal to choose from. The choice of milks ranged from soy to bubblegum flavoured and the toppings ranged from marshmallows to Oreo. 

This is a cereal lover’s dream! We sat downstairs to eat our incredible creations. The seating area was set up as a 90s kids bedroom with old cartoons playing on video and posters from old magazines that covered the room. The seats were beds with Simpsons duvet covers. The Cereal Killer Cafe was definitely a winner and super funky!! If you are ever in this area make sure to check it out!

We continued walking down Brick Lane taking in the atmosphere, food and vintage shopping. Shoreditch is a place for the creative mind to wander. It is known for its art and hipster culture and my favourite part about this area is the graffiti and street art. The street is lines with colour and vibrancy and there seems to be a story being told on every wall we passed.

Right in the middle of Shoreditch is the iconic Spitafields Market. There the locals sell a mixture of handmade jewellery, clothing, skincare and food from all over the world. Shoreditch has a blend of the old and the new making it an incredible place to visit and experience.

We then jumped back on the tube and headed to Covent Garden. One thing you should know about me is that I love architecture and I continue to fall in love with the beautiful old historic buildings that surround me in London. So when I had heard of a place called Neal’s Yard which is tucked away in a corner of the Seven Dials in Covent Garden, I couldn’t resist checking it out. It is a brightly coloured little courtyard with shops and cafes. It is perfect for photos and a must see in Covent Garden.

I had one last stop planned so once again we hopped back on the tube and this time we got off in North West London at Regents Park. 

One thing that I miss about living in a smaller town is the open space and green grass so what a better way to end a warm spring day than for a walk through one of London’s Royal Parks. Regents Park is beautifully designed and full of perfectly placed flowers, fountains and trees. It is also home to many species of wildlife and the London Zoo. It is a lovely place for a walk or run on a sunny afternoon.

Before we knew it we were at the end of the park and found ourselves at the bottom of Primrose Hill. 

We walked to the top along with many others hoping to make the most of the sun. Even with many people around us we were blown away with the view from the top. We could see every part of the city from here including The Shard, St Pauls Cathedral, The Gherkin, The BT Tower, the London Eye, the Thames, and the Fenchurch Building. 

We decided to sit down and take in the sights some more. There were couples cuddling, people sunbathing, and dogs playing all around us. It was a perfect end to an amazing day.


We loved Shoreditch so much that we came back the next evening to the most exciting place I have ever been... A CAT CAFE! Yes, they exist outside of Japan and there is one in London! I heard about Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium a few months ago and knew this was something I had to do. I was not surprised when I had to book 2 months in advance and pay £6 per person just to get a reservation. After the long wait the day was finally here! We made our way back to the exciting culture of Brick Lane and this time continued down Bethnal Green Road until we spotted the cafe. 

We went in and I couldn’t wait to be seated. We walked past a few sleeping cats on the way to our table which was downstairs. 

The walls were filled with cat pictures and play areas for them to climb on and sleep. There was even a book shelf full of magazines and books about cats. 

We stayed for a few hours playing with the cats and chatting to the lovely waitresses about their job (which I am slightly envious of). Just before we left they brought out an adorable kitten named Victor which they had rescued from Brick Lane.  I love that they are helping out animals in need which is something I value and think is extremely important. I will absolutely be back and would highly recommend this experience to other animal lovers like myself.

The best weekends are the ones where you don’t need to spend a lot of money, but you still enjoy yourself anyway.
I am very blessed to have had an amazing Easter Weekend.
Let me know what you did this Easter or if you have been anywhere exciting that you think I should check out!
Once again, thank you for reading.
Amber x

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