Sunday, 7 February 2016

Living and Working in London | LIFESTYLE

Deciding to move to London was an extremely scary and exciting decision we made. I couldn’t believe how quickly a month of travelling went and before I knew it, it was time to start to look for a place to live and a job. We quickly came to the realisation that London is very expensive to live in. I am very lucky to have moved here with my husband so we will have 2 wages to help us get by.
We are newlywed so we ideally wanted to find a place to ourselves and to call our own. The more we looked, the more we knew that was not going to happen. Not at first anyway. As we didn’t have a job or know what wages we would be getting, it was hard to know what we could afford. We decided we couldn’t commit to a 6 month lease for a small studio flat considering we didn’t have a plan or know how long we wanted to stay. With so much uncertainty job wise, we decided to find a flat share. We now live in a flat with 6 other kiwis who are all very lovely. Adapting to living with strangers was easier than I thought as they are all welcoming and are in the same situation as us. We have our own room to relax in when we need our space which is great. Our only issue is getting rid of our unwanted house guest... a mouse.

Finding jobs is another story. I registered with a recruitment company which I would highly recommend. They found me work within 2 days. It was a temp job with the option to go permanent so it was long term which was great. Unfortunately I really didn’t enjoy working there so I chose to leave in the hope that I would have another job within days like the first. This wasn’t the case. Two weeks on and I still don’t have a job. I have been to many interviews and job trials only to be told "we have found someone with more experience". I know I am a good worker but its becoming very discouraging to keep hearing “no” all the time.

I am not losing hope! There will be a job out there for me. I will continue looking and registering with recruitment companies until I found the right one as well as looking on job sites. 

In the mean time, while my husband is working and I am waiting to hear back from interviews, I get to explore this beautiful city and have lots of afternoon naps!
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